Stonebarn Black Winter Truffle Pieces in Truffle Juice (Perigord) 220g


Stonebarn Black Winter Truffle Pieces in Truffle Juice (Perigord) in a can:

Enjoy canned Stonebarn Black Winter Truffle Pieces preserved in truffle juice to capture all of its elusive flavour. Packaged in a shelf-stable container for fast & easy use while staying true to the taste and fragrance of black winter Périgord truffles.

To get the best flavour from your Stonebarn truffle, remove the truffle from the truffle juice and place it onto an absorbent paper towel. Pat the truffle gently to absorb any excess juice. Once the truffle is dry, thinly slice with a truffle slicer, a Microplane or knife and add to your dish in the final stages of your cooking process.

To increase the truffle flavour of your dish or to add the truffle flavour to other dishes, use some of the truffle juice from the jar or buy our Stonebarn Black Winter Truffle Juice separately. Truffle juice is a powerful truffle broth that can be added to stews, risottos, slow-cooked meals, vegetables and soups in the final stages of cooking which will add a wonderful truffle flavour and aroma.

How to take care of your Truffle:

Ensure your truffle is dry and place them in an airtight container wrapped in an absorbent paper towel. Close the lid tightly and keep it in a warm part of your fridge, usually the top shelf. Check them regularly and gently wipe away any condensation that may collect inside the container and on the truffle. Change the paper towel often.

Net Weight 220g / Drained Weight 50g can

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